Wisconsin Judicare Protects Child, Family

Hispanic BoyDavid (not his real name) had been assaulted by his ex-wife and sought custody of their minor child. The mother had also assaulted their child.

David spoke very little English and was having difficulty navigating the court system. The mother was in jail on a probation hold. In addition, she had been charged with multiple counts of felony child abuse, including cutting the child intentionally with a knife.

The mother had been violent to David in the past, including giving him a black eye before he went to work. The assigned social worker admitted that when David’s ex-wife was drinking, she was not a good mother. But the social  worker believed that when the mother was dry and sober, she could parent  and therefore was not going to pursue a CHIPS action.

With Wisconsin Judicare representation, David obtained custody and primary placement of his child.

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