WEJF’s 2017 Campaign Raises $297,000

WEJF’s 2017 campaign raised over $297,000 for our three beneficiary legal aid providers: Disability Rights WisconsinLegal Action of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Judicare. This is the fourth largest amount raised in our 15-year history, and a $15,000 increase over 2016.

Your donation to WEJF is important because our funds are a rare source of unrestricted funds for our beneficiary organizations. As unrestricted funds, they can be used as matching funds to obtain other grants. Often, $1 of WEJF funding can be used to leverage another $3 to $10 in grants from other sources. In this way, the $297,000 donated by you and other generous donors will continue to multiply and serve countless more people in need than otherwise possible.

Thank you to Wisconsin’s legal community for doing your part to ensure equal access to justice for all citizens!

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