WEJF Supports Black Lives Matter Movement

For over twenty years, the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, Inc. has fought to advance the American ideal of “equal justice under the law.” The staff at our three beneficiary civil legal aid providers—Wisconsin Judicare, Legal Action of Wisconsin, and Disability Rights Wisconsin—experience first-hand how far we have to go to battle against the systemic racism and inequities in our society that prevent equal justice from being realized. For statements from these organizations, please see the links below.

As members of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, we have dedicated our energy, passion, time and resources to dismantling the inequities that make the daily existence of low-income Wisconsin residents so trying and even life-threatening. We know unequivocally that these inequities disproportionately impact African-Americans and other people of color.

We support the Black Lives Matter movement and renew our commitment to use our skills, abilities, and resources to continue to fight for equal access to justice. We stand with our colleagues fighting for Constitutional, criminal and civil justice and stand with clients as they peacefully demonstrate for change in the communities we serve. We hope you join us.

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