Using Limited Resources In Creative Ways

Penny on GraphUnfortunately, not every person who seeks legal counsel from these three organizations can be helped. In fact, it’s estimated that only two of every five people who seek legal assistance are able to receive it. At the heart of their work, Legal Action of Wisconsin (LAW), Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) and Wisconsin Judicare are driven to make the most impact for the most people with very limited resources.

That’s when it’s time to get creative — and they have. These organizations have found ways to stretch their resources in uncommon – but very successful – ways.

Wisconsin Judicare

Wisconsin Judicare has started a program where people can ask simple legal questions online, and a volunteer lawyer can post a reply at their convenience.

Once a month, Wisconsin Judicare attorneys will review paperwork (such as for divorce proceedings) to ensure it’s filled out correctly, thus helping the clients and improving efficiency in the courts.

Wisconsin Judicare also conducts educational sessions for client populations, such as trainings for landlords on Section 8 housing benefits and requirements.

All the organizations are involved in advocating for policy issues that include efforts to expand support for federal and state-funded programs. This also includes ensuring current programs
run efficiently and effectively to reduce the need for intervention on behalf of program participants.

Disability Rights Wisconsin

Disability Rights Wisconsin works with groups like People First to train and support people with disabilities to be self-advocates. They also hold listening sessions to hear ideas from the community on issues that need to be addressed in the areas of special education, development disability, mental health and physical disability services and disability rights.

Legal Action of Wisconsin

LAW has a Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) where private attorneys volunteer their time to help citizens in need. Each year, VLP attorneys donate more than 9,000 hours of legal work.

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