The Good Cause

Sun FlowerA 68-year old client, Margaret *, who was confined to a scooter contacted Legal Action of Wisconsin (LAW). Unable to walk, her mobile home was equipped to accommodate her disability with a ramp and other assistive devices.

Margaret loves to “garden,” which consists of friends and neighbors planting things at her instruction. Because of her condition, she was unable to keep up her mobile home’s yard enough to suit the landlord. One needs “good cause” in order not to renew a mobile home park lease, and the messy yard was the landlord’s “good cause” when he refused to renew.

LAW attorneys represented Margaret in court, obtaining a dismissal of the action due to bad notice. Then, they eliminated the “good cause” by going to the her home and cleaning up the yard themselves. LAW’s Managing Attorney crawled under her porch to haul away pipes and boards. Without this “good cause,” the landlord must renew the lease, and Margaret does not need to arrange for — and pay for — towing her mobile home to a new site.

She can now continue to “garden” and live independently in her home community.

* Not her real name.

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