Legal Action of WI Put Her Behind the Wheel

DriverThe treatment of people.

That’s the main concern of the three legal organizations supported by the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund (WEJF), They look at their work as not just solving legal problems, but solving “people problems.”

What may seem like small issues to some people can be barriers to a stable job, a home, or even medical care.

For example, when a Legal Action of Wisconsin client tried to get her CDL to obtain a job,  she was unable to do so because of  five-year old traffic tickets. When she tried to clear up the matter on her own, the court did not understand  the relevance of the old traffic tickets. LAW took the case, was able to explain to the court the relevance of the traffic tickets and had them cleared. The client was then able to obtain her CDL and find a job.

By eliminating a barrier to employment, LAW helped its client obtain work and avoid potential homelessness. Solving a seemingly small legal problem avoided contributing to a much larger social issue.  By addressing both large and small legal issues, these three organizations  make a significant impact in the lives of their clients and in their communities as a whole.

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