2006 Howard B. Eisenberg Distinguished Service Award

Marka A. Henkelman

Pro Bono Director, Wisconsin Judicare, Wausau

Twenty-eight years ago, Marka Henkelman came to Judicare looking for a part-time job. Instead, she found a lifetime career. Now, as Pro Bono Director, she serves as the pivot-point for Judicare’s unique system of legal service delivery as she coordinates representation for low-income clients.

Marka began at Judicare in 1978 as an intake specialist. Within a short time, her interest in the program and the people it served helped her make a decision to become a full-time employee. Her promotions to progressively more responsible positions over the years resulted in the building of a large panel of almost 300 volunteer private attorneys who rely on her to approve cases, coordinate coverage, and oversee case-coverage policies.

Marka has devoted her career to providing legal services to the poor and exemplifies the ideals of the Judicare system – making it possible for disadvantaged clients to choose their own attorneys in the areas in which they live. Marka displays an uncanny ability to find a pro bono attorney for a deserving client when everyone else has given up looking.

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