Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients Archive & Biographies

2018 Marsha Mansfield
Professor, University of Wisconsin Law School
2017 Mike Gonring
Executive Director (Retired), Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee
2016 Rosemary Elbert
Executive Director (Retired), Wisconsin Judicare, Wausau
2015 Thomas C. Hochstatter
Shareholder, Hochstatter, McCarthy, Rivas & Runde SC, Milwaukee
2014 W. David Romoser
Owner/Attorney, W. David Romoser LLC, Milwaukee
2013 James Botsford
Director, Indian Law Office, Wisconsin Judicare, Inc., Wausau
2012 Lynn Breedlove
Former Executive Director, Disability Rights Wisconsin, Madison
2011 Tom Cannon
Attorney, Legal Aid Society, Milwaukee
2010 David J. Harth
Attorney, Perkins Coie, Madison
2009 Hon. C.A. Richards
Reserve Judge, Hudson
2008 Hon. James A. Gramling, Jr.
Milwaukee Municipal Court Judge, Milwaukee (Ret.)
2007 James & Gilda Shellow
Attorneys, Shellow & Shellow, SC, Milwaukee (Ret.)
2006 John F. Ebbott
Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee
2005 Richard P. Perry
Attorney, Hawks, Quindel, Ehlke & Perry, S.C., Milwaukee (Ret.)
2004 Honorable Patricia D. McMahon
Circuit Court Judge, Milwaukee (Ret.)
2003 John S. Skilton
Attorney, Perkins Coie, Madison
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