2005 Howard B. Eisenberg Distinguished Service Award

Kevin Magee

Managing Attorney, Legal Action of Wisconsin, Wausau

Kevin Magee has represented clients in civil legal services for 25 years. After graduating from Lewis & Clark Law School in 1979, he worked for the Dubuque Northeast Regional Office of Legal Services Corporation of Iowa (LSCI).

He joined Legal Action of Wisconsin (LAW) in 1990 to direct their Migrant Law Project. In 1997, he assumed the position of Managing Attorney of LAW’s Madison office, while continuing to serve as Director of the Migrant Law Project. He has served in both positions for the past eight years. Mr. Magee is so dedicated to serving his clients that he attended a Spanish-immersion program in Mexico at his own expense in order to improve his client communications.

In addition to his work at LAW, Mr. Magee works on behalf of the poor through his service on the boards of the Dane County Unemployment Compensation Clinic and the Consumer Litigation Clinic, and on the Wisconsin Migrant Coalition. He is frequently consulted by the Governor’s Committee on Migrant Labor.

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