Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner

Howard Eisenberg
Howard Eisenberg exemplified the best in the legal profession by consistently maintaining an active and prodigious pro bono law practice.

In his honor, Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund recognizes two individuals annually for their lifetime achievement in the delivery and development of pro bono legal services at our annual Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner.

We are planning to hold the Dinner on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at Saint Kate, The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee.

About the Awards

The Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have dedicated their careers to the development and delivery of civil legal services. This may include direct provision of legal services, development of innovative methods to deliver services, participation in legislative or litigation-based efforts to increase access to pro bono legal services, or working to raise the awareness of the legal needs of underserved populations.

The Distinguished Service Award honors an employee of one of WEJF’s member legal services law firms who has an exemplary record of service to underserved populations. Recipients of this award are chosen by the directors of our beneficiary organizations.


To nominate someone for the Howard B. Eisenberg Lifetime Achievement Award, please submit a letter or e-mail describing the nominee’s record of outstanding effort and accomplishments in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Direct provision of legal services to underserved segments of the population.
  2. Development of innovative methods for the delivery of legal services.
  3. Participation in and support of legislative or litigation-based initiatives to increase access to pro bono legal services.
  4. Improvement of awareness of the legal service needs of underserved populations.

Letters of nomination may be submitted by e-mail or postal mail to the address below.

Aly Lynch
Executive Director
WEJF, Inc.
PO Box 46103
Madison, WI 53744

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