About Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, Inc.

Every day the staff at three legal organizations supported by the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW), Legal Action of Wisconsin (LAW), and Wisconsin Judicare, act to improve the lot of thousands of Wisconsin citizens. These citizens have no place else to turn — they’re caught in the mire of our justice system that favors those who have legal representation. For them, justice is fleeting. These organizations are their last hope.

These citizens aren’t criminals. They are the poor and disenfranchised in our communities. They’re the elderly, the single mother, the abused spouse, the worker being discriminated against, the mentally ill or disabled, or the low-income person dealing with divorce or unexpected illness.

There’s Hope … With Your Help

Hope comes in the form of legal help through attorneys, helplines, online forums and educational sessions. Hope ripples through a workplace when a worker is treated fairly and an atmosphere of mutual respect is built. Hope is present when a mother is able to stay in her home with her children instead of being evicted. Hope is alive when a mentally challenged student is allowed access to the programs he needs to succeed.

You can help sustain that hope. By giving to the WEJF, you’re supporting programs that offer hope to tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens. You’re helping to create better opportunities for justice and stronger communities.

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