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Legal Action of Wisconsin Featured on WUWM’s “Lake Effect”

Attorney Matthew Hayes of Legal Action of Wisconsin was recently featured on WUWM’s “Lake Effect” to discuss law issues important to senior citizens. Hayes highlighted some of the legal issues faced by seniors, and discussed how LAW attorneys are able to help. Housing issues, elder abuse, or a loss of Medicaid or food stamps are just some of […]

Using Limited Resources In Creative Ways

Legal Action of Wisconsin, Disability Rights Wisconsin and Wisconsin Judicare have found ways to stretch their resources in uncommon – but very successful – ways to make a difference in the lives of Wisconsin residents with very limited resources.

Saving Her House

Megan, who was in the middle of a divorce, fell behind on her house payments. She worked with the lender to obtain a loan modification, but the lender filed a foreclosure action anyway.

The Good Cause

A 68-year old client, Margaret, who was confined to a scooter contacted Legal Action of Wisconsin. She was unable to keep up her mobile home’s yard enough to suit the landlord, who refused to renew her lease.

Wisconsin Judicare Protects Child, Family

David had been assaulted by his ex-wife and sought custody of their minor child. With Wisconsin Judicare representation, David obtained custody and primary placement of his child.

Legal Action of WI Put Her Behind the Wheel

When a Legal Action of Wisconsin client tried to get her CDL to obtain a job, she was unable to do so because of five-year old traffic tickets. LAW helped her get behind the wheel.

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